Sunday, April 23, 2006

Family Home Evening

We had the sweetest family night tonight. Usually on Sundays we talk about the Sunday School lesson, and then do an activity on Monday. But today, EmJ took charge. She played the piano, then said a prayer. She then turned to Luke and said, "What do Fathers do for us?" He answered with a list of things. Then she asked me, "What do Mothers do for us?" Then to Willie, "What do Brothers do for us?" Then to herself, "What do Sisters do for us?" Her answer was long and random, but so cute. I'll edit this post when I can remember some of it! Finally, she asked Benjamin, "What do Babies do for us?" She followed up with a scripture that made no sense, but included everyone from Joseph Smith to the Lamanites, with mixed in concepts about the Resurrection and the Creation. We ended with "Once there was a Snowman" and another prayer by Emmeline. It was the perfect FHE. Completely unplanned and completely Emmeline's idea. We loved it!

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makenna said...

that is so cute
the part about the
scriptures made me laugh.