Sunday, May 28, 2006

He Did It...

Barry Bonds passed Babe Ruth with homerun #715 today.

Too bad it wasn't YESTERDAY!! Since that's when we went to the Giants game!
Lame! We had fun anyway, though. We were sitting on pins and needles the entire game, not only in anticipation of a mammoth homerun, but because we were WAAAAYYYY up on the third deck and knew it was only a matter of time before Willie went plummetting to his death!

Seriously, though, we made it through the game without incident. Except the time that Bonds was about to come up to bat and EmJ said, "I have to go potty!", and the time that Willie licked the child sitting in front of us. Yes, licked. You didn't misread that. Thank goodness he was only seven years old and thought it was funny! My moocher children also conned two different people out of their kettle corn (as the second picture attests)! Unreal!

It's been a while since I posted, but nothing much is going on here. The school year is over for Luke, which means he gets to be home a little more. We plan on going to a BBQ tomorrow and then heading up to Sacramento for the rest of the week to visit Grandma.

I haven't yet been officially released from my calling, but it's only a matter of time. I wonder what I get to do next?!

Emmeline is done with soccer. She did well the last couple weeks of the "season"--actually kicking the ball in the last game!

Joshua just learned how to climb the ladder to the top bunk. You can imagine the problems that entails! We learned this morning, though, that he can hang by one hand from the railing for a good long time before he falls.

Benjamin is doing fantastic. He's learning how to use his hands--mostly to "punch" EmJ in the face--and how to scoot around on his stomach. (I didn't know about the latter, which is why he fell off our bed the other day! Yikes!) He caught a cold last week and gave us quite a scare. The cold turned quickly into bronchiolitis. The doctor thinks that he has developed asthma and will be more susceptible to these kinds of respiratory infections. He also got an ear infection. So between prescriptions, doctor visits, and nebulizers, we've had quite a week! He goes back to the doctor in a week for a follow-up and his four month checkup. The little porker wore an outfit to church today that I bought AFTER we moved to San Jose. That means Benjamin is as big as Joshua was at about nine months!

I think that's it from us! Happy Memorial Day!

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Anonymous said...

Barry, upper deck, kettle corn! It's a beautiful thing! Next time you get to the ball park, I want a picture of Willie in front of the Willie statue!