Monday, January 22, 2007

Ta Da!

We did it! We finally got a couch! Do you love it?! The set is much to big for our tiny living room, but I DON'T CARE. I have a couch! I have a place to sit and read or watch a movie or watch the kids playing outside from the comfort of my house! Woohoo! Thank you, again, Melissa for helping on Saturday. She's buffer and smarter than me. I'd have probably left the couches in the road until Luke got home!
Here's Luke enjoying his hot chocolate, watching a movie, sitting on the new couch!
In other news, I'm on a mission. It's a mission to clean out and/or use up all of my random scrapbooking supplies. I started by giving Emmeline all of the stuff that I'm never going to use--"It's time to let go!" She has been "scrapbooking" non-stop since Saturday. It cracks me up because she can only spell a few words, so those words are used over and over again as her titles. Her color choices are pretty scary, but her placement is decently good. I'll have to post some of her stuff. I was sick yesterday, and she woke me up to give me an adorable page that she had made for me. She told me that it said, "I hope you can feel better." It actually said, "Cole." Here's a picture of my mission...
Joshua has been asking me to iron all of his clothes. I'm not sure if it's because Luke irons his every day (for work) or if he's turning OCD, but it's really funny. That kid suprises me every day with the crazy things he says, the demands he makes, etc. And finally, I shot a video of Benjamin "dancing" the other day. I'm trying to figure out how to link it here for you all to see, but it may take a while for me to figure it out. It's hilarious, though.

All right, I think that's it. I'd better go make dinner for the savages....then we're going to have Family Home Evening and I will not even have to sit on the floor! Ta Da!


Mom said...

The videos are so cute! I just love how caring Emmeline is to ask if you're crying or laughing. I love the couch! Congrats! See you soon.

Alivia said...

those videos are hilarious!!!! I love you all..... nice couches

linds said...

Those couches look awesome!Willie never ceases to make me laugh.