Saturday, February 10, 2007

We have lift off...

Have you ever done a handstand pirouette? When you attempt one, you can be in the most balanced handstand and yet when you lift that hand off the ground you often lose everything. Instead of controlled motions you often spin around too fast and, um, fall!

That is how I can best describe Benjamin's attempts at walking. He will stand, perfectly, for ten or fifteen seconds. Then when he lifts up a foot, instead of taking a step forward, he spins around about 180 degrees and crashes. It's hilarious. It's even more hilarious because when he stands on his own he puts his hands straight up in the his free falling spins look almost purposeful and choreographed!

He did take one step today, though! His first one! Yay! I predict a walker by the end of the month!

And finally, Happy 13th Birthday, Alivia!

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linds said...

Yay! Go Benjamin! Willie's description of monster jam was hilarious too!