Saturday, April 07, 2007

Emmeline's Birthday, Part Two

Here are just a few quick pictures from Emmeline's actual birthday. I can't post any from her party because there are other kids in the pictures, so the pictures are as follows: Opening presents from Puppy Grandma, sitting in the "I'm 5" chair at McDonalds (we went out to breakfast on her birthday), and all dolled up waiting for the party to start. Her cupcake is the pink one!

She had a blast with her friends at the party. Not one of the girls stayed in the princess dress that they came it, which was pretty cute. The girls beaded bracelets, played dress up, ate pizza, and devoured cupcakes. It was really fun, but I was super tired when it ended!

Just a note: Our home has become a free-for-all. I'm trying to be friendly, but at times I just shut the blinds and lock the door! A few weeks ago, Luke brought home a zillion doughnuts from work. He passed them out to all the kids that were playing outside. That night, there were random children knocking on our door until 10 p.m. More showed up the next morning to see if there were more doughnuts. Then, after Emmeline's birthday party, the uninvited playground kids made themselves at home and finished up our pizza. One little girl even said, "Mmmm, I love pizza. And when I'm done I'm gonna finish off that orange soda, and I'll have THAT cupcake right there." Needless to say, I hid my orange soda!

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