Friday, July 20, 2007

More Pictures!

All Benajamin. Playing in the fountain and the balls at Universal Studios. Taking a drink...sick. That is gross!

I love the picture from the ball pit. You load up balls in that little vacuum behind Benjamin, they get sucked up into a huge basket, which empties every half hour or so. Luke and I (and the kids) spent an entire morning one day, filling the basket and then laughing when it showered on the kids.

Can you see Luke there in the back of the boat?! We had to take turns riding the Jurassic Park ride (and all the rides) while the other watches the kids. Luke, of course, didn't even get a drop of water on him. I ended up in the wettest seat in the boat. Emmeline really wanted to ride this ride, but ended up being a tiny bit too short.

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