Friday, August 31, 2007

Raging Waters

I'm am so tired, and so sore, and so sunburned, but we had a wonderful day yesterday. We took the kids to Raging Waters. I forgot, though, how much a day of water sliding can make you feel like you got hit by a truck.

Emmeline refused to go on any water slides, even the kiddie ones. She was perfectly content to splash around in the kiddie pools and practice her newfound skill of swimming underwater. (So, basically, we spent $20 for her to do the same thing she does here at home.)

Benjamin slept through most of the afternoon. When he wasn't sleeping, he was busy sitting in the kiddie pools, splashing, and watching the other kids. He was perfectly content to observe.

Willie started the day by going on each of the kiddie slides, about ten of them, each about 12 times. I would sit with Benjamin, and have Emmeline walk him into the lines of the different slides. He didn't even realize or care that I was there. He would have stayed on those slides all day. (During all this time, Luke was off with his work buddies, going on all the big rides).

When Luke got back, we dragged the kids to the tube slides (and the big rides so I could have a turn!) There were two slides where you ride two to a tube. Willie LOVED them. He would take turns riding with me, then Luke, then me, then Luke....over and over and over again. We had to climb a ginormous hill to get to the slides, but Wilie didn't even care. We forced Emmeline on one of the slides and promised that if she didn't like it, then she could choose where we ate dinner. She got to choose dinner!

Willie's FAVORITE ride though was "the racer." I don't know the actual name, but you know those huge carnival slides that you ride down on a burlap sack? Same thing, except with water, and you go down on your stomach on a mat. He LOVED it. Flying leaps onto his tummy, speeding all the way to the bottom. It was hilarious to watch this tiny little death-defying person, totally gleeful!

And, last, but not least there is the family ride. There was one slide that you ride down in a five-person raft (perfect!). We thought it'd just be a slowish slide, how fast can you go in a huge raft? Pretty darn. And, you fly up high on the sides of the slide, and you get really wet! It was hilarious to see each of the kids personalities as we took our wild ride down the "Thunder Rapids." Joshua, of course, loved it and wanted to go again. Emmeline was crying even before we got on, so even if she did like it, she would never admit it. Benjamin got willingly into the raft, but as soon as we started moving, he was petrified. Literally. He was frozen with a look on his face, like, "What are you crazy people thinking? You are insane!" His eyes were huge, and he didn't blink even once (an amazing feat when water is covering you at every turn). It was fantastic. I wish there was some way to have videotaped that ride because my description is not doing it justice!

And that's our day at Raging Waters! We only took a few pictures, and I'll post them later...if I can move.

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Erin and Ryan said...

Hi Kirstin! I saw your blog from Jenna's site and it is quite funny, you're a very witty writer. Your kids are so cute, I can't believe they're so big! It sounds like you keep very busy but also have a lot of fun!