Thursday, December 13, 2007

ATVs and a new, old House

I couldn't leave out this picture. While in Mazatlan, we took a ferry to Stone Island and rented an ATV to tour the island. It was gorgeous, and so much fun! We could have done the cruise sponsored ATV tour, complete with goggles, helmets, waivers, and a max of 5 mph, all for $110/person. Instead, it was just the two of us, an ATV, no maximum speed, all for $30. Brilliant! I think they must have pretended not to notice that I was pregnant. Oh, and the faster you go the smoother the ride. The baby loved it!

This is what we came back to after the cruise! Our house! No more renting for us! And no more white walls...well, as soon as we get the painting done. And while I'm on the subject, let me officially announce on the blog (although I think all my loyal blog readers are already aware) that we have moved to Seattle, back into our old house, AND we're expecting baby number four, a little girl, in March.

For the kids, this move was like Christmas! Emmeline and Joshua kept unpacking toys and saying, "Remember this!?" Benjamin has been literally immersed in books since we unpacked them. It's so cute!

The boys' room, the baseball room! It looks already very lived in with messy beds and monster trucks littering the floor. Joshua is so proud of his room, and Benjamin loves sleeping on a big boy bed.

The girls' room. This room, though already a mess of stuffed animals and Polly Pockets, remains unfurnished. We're working on it! Emmeline keeps asking me to paint pink flowers on the green part of the wall. We'll see. The curtains are about as much frill as I can handle right now.

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