Thursday, December 13, 2007


We went to Utah in October, and had the opportunity to visit with Luke's mission president and mission "mom." It was a wonderful evening, and I hope we'll get the chance again soon!

Let me explain. Luke was playing flyer's up with the boys and managed to get a baseball stuck in Grandma's tree. He tried to get it first by throwing a bat up there, but the bat also got stuck. Enter a frisbee. The frisbee knocked down the bat, but failed to dislodge the ball. At which point, Luke decided to climb the tree. He still couldn't reach the ball, so had to throw a broom from his spot on the branch to the ball. After about 15 attempts the ball finally fell, and Luke climbe down unscathed. I would have just left the ball up there until it rained.

Benjamin joined us for a morning of loading the moving truck in late October. (We transported our stuff before we transported ourselves.) Obviously, running up and down the truck ramp wore him out! I think that this is the first time he's ever fallen asleep without Wilson (his pink elephant).

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Linds said...

How the heck did he fall asleep in the truck? I wish I could sleep anywhere like that!