Sunday, January 06, 2008

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we read Luke 2, interspersed with Christmas Hymns. Emmeline was Mary, Tom was Joseph. Every time we started to sing a hymn, Emmeline would lift up the baby Jesus for all to see. She was so serious about her role, but we could hardly be serious singing "Away in a Manger"...every time the giggles got under control, someone would start up again. Including me, the pianist!

After the Christmas story and some yummy candy cane milkshakes, we all opened our 24th gifts. The great-grandkids (sans Emmeline) all got matching jammies...and we did our best to get them to sit for a photo shoot. This is the best picture I got, although it's missing Jaiden!

The lone girl, Emmeline, in her pink jammies!

And, finally, classic Benjamin. "They told me to sit still and say cheese. Where did everybody go?" He must have stayed in that chair a full ten minutes after the festivities dispersed.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Emmeline is so cute!