Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Here is Benjamin...last Friday playing at the beach. (We went to the Loveshack up on Hood Canal for the weekend. It was a nice getaway, and the kids loved spending some quality time outdoors. They needed it. I think we all have cabin fever...sick of winter!) Luke said, "Do you want to go to the beach and throw rocks?" Benjamin replied, "Yeah, Kachow!" I posted this picture so you can get one last glimpse at his shag.

I've been imortalized by seashell graffiti.

And here's Benjamin Monday night! He finally succumbed to having his hair cut! Woohoo! Luke held him on his lap, and as soon as the lady started cutting he stuck out his lower lip and got big crocidile tears in his eyes, but he never protested. When they got home, he hid his head in shame (I think he liked looking like Tommy Boy), sat down to dinner, pushed his plate away immediately, and unwrapped his lollipop! Whew! No more haircuts for us until September!


Alivia said...

that face that Ben has in that picture is completey classic!

Linds said...

Nice! I've been tempted to just buzz Coleson's hair...maybe when it gets hot.

The Malsbary Patch said...

You have been tagged...sorry. Please see my blog for further information.

By the way, cute haircut. Kerrie is the same way.

Tara said...

hey Kirsten!! You have an adorable family...your kids are darling! thanks for coming by mine...between the 2 of us maybe we can get Carly to get the hang of the blogging we can see more pics! :)
Next time you talk to Hilary or Jay tell them Shawn and Tara say hello! :)