Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mom's New Toy

I've cancelled all plans for the next week because I'll be spending my evenings in the garage with this hottie!


Carly and Ryan said...

Oh Kirs I'm coming over to use that bad boy!! What an awesome treat!!! :) Check your email... I'll send you a pic of the baby bedding :)

Carly and Ryan said...

I thought about that but didn't actually do the math! I really wouldn't mind May 18th! That's one month early... but I've thought from the beginning she'd be early! Wouldn't that be so sweet? Sam and Cameron will be total buddies! :)

Sara said...

Hey Kirstin,

I just popped over to your blog from Kacey's! I love it. How fun that you got a treadmill. Yeah, another runner amongst us! Also, loved the video of the adams boys singing to Bon Jovi, priceless.

Sara I.

Mike & Jaime said...

Happy Birthday Kirstin! Wow - the big 26! Little Samantha is so cute - we miss you guys.