Monday, April 28, 2008


The morning started out well. I slept all night long, woke up, spent some time with my new garage friend, and even showered. Then the kids woke up. Benjamin is dressed, but only because he slept in his clothes. There are marshmallows all over the kitchen floor (I didn't even know we had marshmallows), there is dry erase marker on the new bookshelf (which is lying in pieces in the living room), and Joshua is upset because he thinks it's his birthday and I have yet to give him a cake or presents. There is a giant mark on the bunk beds that I JUST FINSIHED PAINTING, and I had to perform surgery on the air hockey table this morning. Emmeline was busy showing me how she can count to 100 by 2s...68, 70, 74, oops, now I have to start over. Samantha, my saving grace, is sleeping. However, she already had two outfit changes this morning. "Mom, I very need chocolate milk 'cause I never had ANY!" It's shaping up to be one of those days where I work all day, then take a look at my "to-do" list and realize I've nothing to check off.

Yesterday, I taught the Primary kids a little song to remember the apostles' names. Now, it's stuck in my head...Packer, Perry, Nelson, Oaks,...or as Joshua says, "Packer very needs a nose..." Lost in translation.

Sam's awake. Diego is over. My minute is up.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kirs,
Do me a favor, I don't know if anybody else has said this to you or not but it is something you should very seriously consider, okay.

You need to start a book on your daily rountines with the kids and life in particular. I can't believe how much I laugh just reading about your days. You are funnier than Erma Bomback and could do wonders by writing a book. Your insights are just to funny! Think about it, okay. You have most of your material right on this blog and the rest just waiting to happen. Love ya,
Aunt Libby

daveandbri said...

I feel you. You did accomplish something though . . . . you're still the mother to four wonderful children and deserve an award for not beating them on days like that. Keep up the great work and laugh every once in a while . . why not?

Kirstin said...

Hey Bri...I just don't blog about the beatings!

Kirstin said...

Hey Bri...I just don't blog about the beatings!

Toria said...

this was funny! I especially like the starting over at 74- that's so Asher lately (well, not the counting by two's, but the non-stop talking questioning etc.) Oh and I also loved the Apostle song. To top it off, you started your Monday off with a workout and shower BEFORE the kids woke up. Do I really want to have 4 kids? Where was Luke?