Friday, January 16, 2009

Nothing much...

I don't have much to blog about tonight, but I'm up late babysitting and it's been a while since I've posted.

If I was a good blogger I would do the following:

1. Post a picture of Emmeline and brag about how cute she looked today. She's gorgeous. And though I know she'll come to hate her chicken legs, I'm completely jealous of her long and lean look. Add some grace (today she tripped over her own feet while not even moving and also hit herself in the face with the refrigerator door) and she'd be darn near perfect.

2. Post a video of Emmeline singing and playing the piano. You cannot even tell that she's singing the same song that she's playing. Tone deaf=Hilarious

3. Post a picture of Joshua with the book, "The Boxcar Children." He's into "chapter books" right now. Every time we go to the library, he checks out the thickest book he can find. He has no desire to sit still long enough to learn how to read, yet he's obsessed with the idea of reading. Luke started reading the Boxcar Children to him a few days ago, and he's in heaven.

4. Post a video of Benjamin saying, "meenie meenie miney mo catch a giger by da toe let it go you are..............................................................IT!" This is how we choose who gets to say the mealtime prayers. Or rather, he chooses.

5. Post a picture of the eternal bruise on poor Samantha's forehead. Combination crazy crawl, trying to go to fast, climbing on everything, and smothering brothers have led to many a crash these last couple days. She seems to land on the same side of her head every, single, time. I would also post a video of her going up the stairs...we actually seriously tried to get a video of this, but a certain 4 year old got in the way...She sneaks off to the stairs, then starts giggling like a mad woman when she hears Luke or I coming to get her. It's her new favorite game.

6. And finally, I'd post a video of Samantha eating. As soon as I put dinner on the table yesterday, Sam started bouncing up and down in her high chair, whining for it. She proceeded to bat my hand away at every offering, until I finally spooned some mac and cheese (homemade, tasty) onto her tray. A few seconds later, the begging began again. I couldn't believe how fast she finished. On about her fifth helping I turned to hand her a sippy cup and she was eating with her face almost IN the food, noodles in both hands, grabbing a new handful with the left hand as she stuffed her face with the right hand, and so forth. She looked like something from a hot dog eating contest, and she ended up eating a full adult sized portion. It was insane.

And that's what I'd do if I was a good blogger. But instead, I'm going to head off to bed...

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