Monday, January 26, 2009

Samantha is 11 Months Old!

I can't believe that Sam is 11 months. We're about to hit birthday season here at our house...which is always a fun, busy, crazy time that includes way too much Chuck E Cheese. Anyway, here are some 11 month photos of Sam. In the first, she is playing with her brothers. She loves playing with her siblings and is getting pretty good at imitating the things they do. She loves to "color", drive cars, use the play tools, do acrobatics (basically, sticking her bum in the air and yelling "peek-a-boo" in samlanguage), brush her hair and teeth, and "cook." It's adorable.

Sam is supposed to be smiling at me, but instead she's playing peek-a-boo! Sam is cracking us up right now with her talking. I swear, she has her own language....maybe she should have been a twin?! Last week, I took her to an indoor park and she learned the joys of climbing (and knocking other kids down (which is quite funny considering she UNDERweighed every kid there by about 15 pounds)). Anyway, every time she got to the top of a structure she would triumphantly say, "ee day ah!" To which I would respond, "Yes, you did it!" But then I'd get the Look. Sam's patented, precocious look that says, "Seriously? You haven't got a clue. Stop talking now." I waited to see if "ee day ah" was a fluke, but no, she says it every time she climbs onto anything...followed by the Look. Another favorite is "ew dice mo." I thought maybe, "screwdriver"? (Insert the Look, here.) Most kids, you struggle to understand, but I don't think she wants to be understood. At least she says some normal, English baby words, too--mama, dad, no, hello, etc.

One final picture...I had to get EmJ in here, too. Sam learned how to get on the leopard seat and is completely proud of herself! I love her expression in this photo, though, still kind of grinning, but starting to get irritated that EmJ is hovering. With her constant mothering, Sam wears this face for EmJ quite a bit!

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