Monday, April 20, 2009


*Willie swallowed a button.

*EmJ asked me when I was in high school. I told her 1996-2000. She said, "Were there cars back then?"

*Yes, my parents used to make us write essays as a form of discipline. We now subject our kids to the same torture. EmJ's most recent essay. "We should be modest. If we don't we get consequences. That is a good enough reason for that."

*Benjamin is potty-trained!!!!!!!!

*It has finally been nice enough the last couple days to wear sandals and show off my pedicure! What a wonderful birthday gift...both the pedi and the weather!

*My trip was fabulous, but I didn't bring my camera. A major highlight (besides meeting baby Lia and listening to Coleson's endless commentary on everything under the sun) was finally joining the pop culture phenomenon that is Guitar Hero (or Rock Band...I don't actually know...were we playing on a Wii, or something else?)

*Our garden is growing! How do you go about "thinning" the plants? Is there a science to that, or do I just pull out the sprouts that are too close together?

*Sam has not stopped talking for the last three days. She walks around with a book and a pen lecturing everybody.

*Benjamin asked me yesterday how food and drinks become waste. Or, in his words, "Mom, how is chocolate milk pee?"

*I got a new old bike. My neighbor was going to clean and spiff it up for me, until he found out I was a Yankee fan. I'm going to have to clean and spiff it up myself....or long as the pedals and brakes work, I'm good.

*I made Willie's birthday invitations and got them sent out this past weekend. He is not able to go more than five minutes without mentioning that his birthday is coming up. His birthday list is extensive. Poor boy hasn't realized that the party IS his present!

*That's it!

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Jan J. said...

What a fun little family you have. I'm loving seeing them grow up through your blog.