Friday, May 22, 2009

I Hate...

My sister recently took a Facebook quiz in which she had to name five things the world would be better without. So, I've been thinking about it, and since I don't "get" Facebook, I'll put my thoughts on here.

The first bunch of things that came to mind were all proper names. So, I won't name them. Because that would be rude. And this is the internet and my hate list may possibly be here forever. Let's just say they included multiple people whose names start with the letter "O", a certain shopping establishment that starts with "Wal" and ends with "Mart", and the Boston Red Sox.

Without proper nouns, I could think of only one thing that I truly, truly hate and that the world would be better off without.


I hate crows. They are loud and obnoxious. They poop on your fence, your car, your swingset, and your head for sport. They steal your picnic food. I hate crows.

For his next birthday, I'm buying Willie a BB gun and I'm going to pay him for every crow he gets.

Then, when he runs for public office in 30 years, the media (because no child of mine will concievably hold views that will be acceptable to mainstream media) finding no trash on him will turn to PETA, who will say, "He earns disposable income hunting helpless birds."

PETA, his mother put him up to it. He also kills slugs, catepillars, and has a collection of dead ladybugs.


Carly and Cameron said...

Ok, so many posts I had to catch up on! I love your hate list! Willie will be awesome in public office no matter how many lil pests he kills! I can't believe you got a speeding ticket!! ;) The boys actually look super cute with mowhawks! Um the shirt you wore to Taylor Swift is SUPER cute! Kirs, You will always be a teenybopper at heart! Does L still love Walker Texas Ranger? ;) Sally/Dobojet...did you like it better when they collected rocks? Kirs you are pretty much the BEST mother I know!

Kali said...

Your post totally cracked me up. I think you are funny. I think we see very eye to eye. We should probably keep being friends;)