Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Preschool Graduate

Joshua graduated from preschool today! Are you loving the purple and white...how many LW alum are reading the blog right now chanting "Kangaroo Power!"

Receiving his diploma from Miss Vicki. Luke says, "That lady looks the same as she did twenty years ago." Seriously. She's ageless. But, she will be retiring in two years *wipe a tear* just after Benjamin gets to be in her class *yipee*!

Josh and Josh.
When we went for preschool orientation, Joshua (who goes by "Willie" most of the time) insisted that his name was just Josh. Okay. When I go to pick him up, if I ask for Joshua I get funny looks. "Oh, you mean Josh!"
Good thing for "Josh" there was a teacher helper "Josh" as well. They are good buddies...the big Josh even taught my Josh(ua) a super cool manly handshake that I am not permitted to participate in.

The Grandma's came to witness Joshua's "one moment in time"...and started reminiscing about mine and Luke's preschool graduations.

And, one final picture for the scrapbook! Goodbye preschool!
I am sooooooo excited for Kindergarten! (That was Willie speaking, I mean Joshua, I mean Josh...)


Taylor family said...

If you ever see Ms. Vicki again tell her that she and her class was one of the reasons I became a Kindergarten teacher. I loved working with her all 3 years of high school. I'm sure she doesn't remember me, but it might make her feel good:)

Tara said...

wow...kailee and austin both went there...that would be weird to have little roo's preschool without Miss Vicki there!!! :)