Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trunk or Treat

Happy Halloween!!! I love and hate Halloween...hate it because of all the work involved for one or two evenings of dressing up, love it because it ushers in the whole holiday season. We get to eat turkey soon, and hang Christmas lights, and the music, oh, the music!!! So tonight the kids headed off to a trunk or treat, while I sit here blogging, listening to the game, and congratulating myself for having spent $0 on Halloween costumes this, I wonder if I can pull off Christmas for the same...

Sam is too sick to trunk or treat tonight (she kept saying, "No treat-treat, no treat-treat!"), so she doesn't get to show off the costume I've been slaving over! (You catching the sarcasm?) Actually, Luke and I are dressing as bacon and eggs again this year and Sam is my only child that would jump on the breakfast food bandwagon.

Batman. On Gus's terms only, though.

A tae-kwon-do guy. I think.

And a leopard. This is a completely EmJ costume. (I tamed it a little bit....) Her class is doing the play "Where the Wild Things Are" tomorrow, so she took it upon herself to be a wild thing. Very cute.

"It's high, it's far, it's gone. A thrilla by godzilla."
Yankees just took the lead.
So, that's it for me!
Happy Trick or Treating!


Jenna said...

Congrats on not spending any money on costumes! The kids all look adorable. I remember several Halloween's we re-used our dance/ice skating/class play costumes. Who cares?! They're still a costume!

Angela said...

The kids costumes are so cute! Very creative :)

Raymond said...

You all look so great in your Halloween costumes. I especially love the "joke" costume of Kirstin's (i.e. the one where you look pregnant--it looks so real).