Friday, November 06, 2009

Isn't that Cute!

So, it will come as no shock to any of you that I am vehemently opposed to giant flowers and bows being placed on the heads of infant girls. Yuck! This horrid Utah tradition has spread and is consuming the world.
(Speaking of Utah, when I opened up the Ensign this month there was a lovely, large picture of a poor little baby WITH A GIANT BOW ON HER HEAD in the magazine. So don't tell me this is not a Utah conceived plot!)
However, I have a great many family and friends that are or were or have been sometime in their lives, Utahns, and I love them despite it all. I even love them when they put giant flowers on their baby girls.
And since you undoubtedly all disagree with me on the flower thing, go ahead and visit my sister, Lindsey's, new blog:

She makes some adorable things, that you will all love! I particularly like the Yankee bow...duh!


Lisa said...

They are not my favorite either, but now that Jessi is old enough to decide for herself, and my mom made her some. I do allow her to wear them.

Jaime said...

So, I'll be making some new flowers and bows for your new baby ok. Wear them with pride Kirstin!

Sara said...

Thanks for the link. I am totally ordering stuff from your sister. My favorite is the crocheted little beanies. What a saavy little blogger.

Oh, and doesn't your 'about me' picture have your little one with a bow on her head? hmmm....? :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Kirstin!