Monday, November 23, 2009

Proud Mama!

"Frsda pla ys kd"

Willie has to keep a vacation journal during this Thanksgiving break. He is allowed to write or draw a picture of what he does every day. Since Willie doesn't "do" coloring, we figured he'd be better off just skipping to writing about his days.

(His teacher informed us last week at parent teacher conferences that, while excelling in everything else, Willie failed Kindergarten drawing and cutting. Hmmm...I should have recognized that the first day of school when he brought home a self-portrait. It was a tiny circle with 2 tiny legs..."I'm done, is it time for recess!?")

(His teacher did, however, sing the praises of our sweet, sensitive Willie. He was dang near tears when he said he wished that there were more boys like him. I think the 18 boys/6 girls ratio is starting to get to him...)

Okay, so are you wondering what his journal entry says? Willie sounded it out all by himself...

"Thursday, Play with Katie."

(cause W says, "wa....wa...wa...Y!")

So proud!

P.S. EmJ also received a good report card. She didn't fail art, that's for sure! Her teacher pretty much said, very nicely, "EmJ works very independently, so I'm thinking that next year we should put her in a split class because she doesn't mind being IGNORED!" Oh, I've never before seen the value of a split class, but since you put it that way...

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Carol Gilchrist said...

That is so Cute... Was he refering to my Katie? Even Cuter!