Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kindergarten Blues

Today I yelled out the door to Willie that he had 10 more minutes to play.

"How long is 10 minutes?"
"The same amount of time as your recess at school."
"Mo-om, that's not long at all!"

Apparently, the caged animal doesn't get let out enough. Kindergarten is rough, dude.

Samantha pooped in the tub tonight. Again. This AFTER a full, one-sided conversation as the water was running.

"Poop, yucky. No-no in the water. My hair wash, in my eyes. Water splash it. Aaaagh, poop! Yucky. Sam crying."

I thought she was getting it, but the raisins told another story.

And finally, Emmeline informed me today that she saw the world's fattest man in the Guiness Book of World Records.

"His shirt didn't even cover his belly. As a matter of fact, it looked just like yours."


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Alivia said...

this possibly just made my day