Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2009 in Review

So, when EmJ was born, I had the bright idea that I'd keep a journal for her. My master plan is to give her the journal on her 8th birthday, so she can start keeping her own.

Now each of my children, including "Trey", have a journal. With the invention of blogging, I simply go through my blog posts each year and print out the gems for the kids' journals.

(I know it'd probably be easier to just get the blog published each year...but I started this tradition so now I have to see it through...OCD, that's me.)

Anyway, today I had the lovely opportunity to sit and read all of my posts from 2009. Some highlights...

*Maniacal ravings about the horrible things I'm going to do to my kids when they grow retribution for all the food complaining and midnight waking!
*Cutting my hair short! Looking at that picture now, my only thought is, "Hey, I was skinny!"
*The slight misunderstanding when I may have suggested that my mother wore a wetsuit to the water park. And the waterpark adventure itself.
*The cabin adventure!
*EmJ's to 10 reasons why she loves Luke.
*The last day of school, the first day of school, and parent-teacher conference recaps!
*Samantha budding language skills, with attendant fun.
*Benjamin's appropriate use of movie quotations.
*Trip to CA for Jace's wedding.
*Thinking I was soooooooo huge at 16 weeks...
*The buildup to Willie's 5th birthday...he was sooooo excited!
*EmJ's foray into politics.
*Sarcastic tirades about the heat, crows, the PTA, and can expect those to continue...
*Numerous references to CPS and why they haven't yet shown up at my door...

I realize this list would be way more fun if I knew how to link back to previous posts. Sorry! My less than productive afternoon was made better, though, by the chance to chuckle at the crazy things my kids, including Luke, did in 2009.

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LP said...

Love it! That sounds like a fun project. :)

Love, Laura