Thursday, April 29, 2010


Here is the conversation I had with Luke yesterday, via text...

Me: That's it! I am not a pooperscooper! Hurry home so I can go out and get a fence to put around the garden.

Luke: Lol

Me: I'm serious. Come home. Do you think they sell 'coon traps at Home Depot?

Luke: Don't hurt the animals. The animals are our friends.

Me: I hope that the next time I fling a shovelful of poop over the fence a PETA member happens to be skateboarding by.

Luke: Roflmbo

Yes folks, we have a raccoon. No, they don't sell raccoon traps at Home Depot. Gopher, mole, rabbit, even deer...but not raccoon. I may need to call a verminator, but in the meantime I'm building a chicken wire fence around our garden. If it is defective, I'm bringing it back to the store with a shovelful of raccoon poop and some rabbid strawberries.


Danielle said...

We had a mother raccoon have babys in the attic over the kitchen when I was growing up. We found out that they hate loud music (my dad chose a Mexican station and turned it up REALLY loud.) and vinegar. Your neighbors might not like you very much after a while, but atleast the raccoons would go away.

Alivia said...

Luke uses texting talk more than I do. He is no longer allowed to make fun of me for texting ever again. Roflmbo? really luke, really. I do not even say "lol". Point proven. Never again my brother.

Carly said...

I miss you dearly. I'm going to come over right away so I don't miss out on one more second of lil Reillee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry I suck!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!