Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Raccoon solution #1 and Worms for Dinner

We had worms for dinner on Sunday, or spaghetti and meatballs, or chocolate pasta with strawberry sauce, depending on who you ask. The Boss was the one who insisted it was worms and WOULD NOT TOUCH IT!! I can't believe I fed my children sugar for dinner and they balked. As the Boss often says, "Shame on you!"

Take THAT Mr. R! I now have a fence around my garden to keep the raccoons out. Also very handy for keeping the children in..."You are not coming out until every last weed has been pulled!"
I have also learned that raccoons don't like vinegar, so I poured it around the perimeter of the yard (and felt like an idiot while I was doing it...but I'll try anything cheap! Thanks for the tip, D!). Luke also hired one of his students to kill the raccoon, but he informed us today that he doesn't actually own anything but a nerf gun...bozo...


ashtrost said...

I want that backyard!! My kids would be in heaven.

Danielle said...

If you have a problem with rabbits int he garden, plant onions. (Just another little tip I have learned.) I hope the vinegar is working for you!