Friday, June 11, 2010

Strike first, strike hard, no mercy, Sir!

This past Friday, Luke's seminary class showed up at our house after school. The mission? Watch all four Karate Kid movies, backwards, then go see the new Karate Kid at midnight.

Those kids have been yelling, "Aye!" for weeks. Or saying, "Eye, always look eye." They bought Luke a kung fu outfit to wear to the movie and they are all wore replica Daniel-san headbands.

"Mercy is for the weak."

Even my kids got in on the action. In the words of EmJ, "This is serious. I've seen Kung Fu Panda."

Awww, whose kid is that? He's so cute with his worthless, "everybody wins", trophy! Willie won the award for most circles drawn in the dirt with his cleats and the award for keeping third base clean in between batters.

He played pitcher today, in his last game, and was soooo adorable. Little League is crazy fun.

And these are just some random kids I saw at the park. Their mother was letting them chase the ducks and tease them by pretending to throw food. She was laughing hysterically until a duck went on the attack. Then she hauled her kids away pretty quick. I mean seriously, those poor ducks...

Samantha's vocabulary and reasoning skills are increasing every day. Some pistons are not exactly firing though, as she continually says things like...
"A car is coming because I need to hold your hand."

"I am poopy because I have to sit on my knees."

You never know what is going to come out of her mouth. For example, we were talking about names the other day and I mentioned that "Reillee's middle name is Anita just like Grandma." Sam replied, "And I am Samantha Raye, just like ME!"
She's one of a kind!
This week I had the opportunity to have a mini reunion with some old friends. It seems like not long ago we were watching Girls Just Want to have Fun every weekend...but it was so fun to see them all grown up, as mothers, and to watch our 10 kids run all over the place. There are few things better to me than reminiscing with friends.
Speaking of reminiscing, I graduated high school 10 years ago this week. Luke, 15 years ago.
Enough's hard to put together a coherent post while Luke is talking, again, about the Karate Kid!


Linds said...

I think the picture of the kids all in a pose should go on your Christmas card!

Toria said...

samantha sounds hilarious!
Of course Luke would be a fabulous Seminary teacher. We all know who is favorite student ever was though right?

I really want to see Karate Kid. Was it worth it- or just for the sake of nostalgia. I really just want Ralph Macchio to make a guest appearance.