Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jetty Island

So, Luke had this really cruel nickname in junior high...this picture makes me think of it...and giggle just a bit. What's funny, is that ribsy here, with his distended stomach and his size 2T drawers falling off, is actually the stockiest of all our kids!!!
We had a great time at Jetty Island...everyone got to come except Luke and my dad.

Zack and my adorable niece, Amelia. And above was Zack and Sam.

Skinny bones jones.

Lin, Liv, and Lia

Coleson and EmJ
You take a ferry out to Jetty Island. It's about a 30 second ride, but it's a highlight for my boys.

Brian, my brother-in-law, had a bad attitude about going to a beach in the the cold, foggy weather. Thankfully, the sun came out and he had a grand old time catching crabs, shrimp, fish, etc with all the kids.
Also, he had a good time feeding the seagulls. So did my mom. I just want to note that I kept telling everyone to leave the birds alone, don't feed them or they will annoy us all day, etc, etc, etc. And yet, my family kept tossing them food. They even wasted an Oreo on a seagull--"It's the cookie part, it's not even good!"--WHAT?!?! And then, guess who got pooped on.
I hate animals.

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