Monday, November 08, 2010

Sunny Days

We had a couple of nice days last week...and while I took pictures of the kids playing (for the scrapbook), Reillee entertained herself and made a mess with graham crackers. Hooray for sunny days!
The Boss has been potty training. Oy! The other day I put on her Dora underwear and told her not to pee on Dora, for it would make Dora sad. The Boss looked at me with an expression of, "my poor, naive mother", and said, "That is just a picture. Dora is in the TV!"
And, yesterday, I got home from choir practice to find that the kitchen had been "cleaned". As I tried to salvage the perfectly good leftovers from the sink, a little Willie jumped out from behind the counter and said, "See the heart? Don't throw it away! You have to guess who did it!" I positively melted. He had "anonymously" cleaned the kitchen and left a little heart for me. What a sweet kid!

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