Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fair Enough

It should come as no great shock that Luke's parenting style is perfectly reasonable. If fact, children who visit our home almost NEVER get scared or have reason to think that their tongue will be cut out, nor do they cower in the corner with their eyes big as saucers.
So, on the way to grandma's house the other day, Luke was laying down some perfectly reasonable ground rules for our visit. It went something like this, "At grandma's house there will be no whining or sniveling, and you will eat the dinner that is served without complaining or lollygagging. If you complain, I will rip your arms off and stuff them in your ears and and you will not eat for 10 days."
Joshua, unfazed, looks thoughtful and replies, "Hmmm. That seems fair enough."

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Laura said...

I use similar threats against my high school students. They seem to have a similar reaction. My most recent threat was- "If you write on this class set of papers I will hang you by your toenails on the flagpole outside."

They weren't fazed.

Miss you guys!