Friday, February 11, 2011


As much as I hate the dragsters that speed up and down the road behind my house, I also hate the police who pull them over right behind my house and wake up my kids with their lights and sirens.

Tonight, it happened as the girls were settling in to bed, so naturally, the Boss had to climb up the dresser and part the curtains to watch the scene unfold. Her commentary...

"Wow! That police is going to catch that bad guy and "frobably" might take him to jail. And then he can't have nowhere to move around."


"But his mom will come and save him and say, "You can't take him to jail! Give me back my kid!"


"Yes. And that policeman "frobably" needs a Dora car cause he needs a new car. A Dora one."


"And his car will be a flycopter when he be's a good guy like Spiderman."

She's so hilarious that I almost wasn't mad at the cop for disturbing their sleep tonight...but I am wondering how long it took him to notice that he stepped in mounds and mounds of raccoon poop that I've been shoveling out of my backyard and tossing over the fence.

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