Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snifford, the Big Red Dog

I had to laugh at this little interchange between two Sams today while driving carpool...

The Boss: We saw a house with hundred and million Christmas lights and there was a big, huge dog and I said, "Don't bite, dog!" "Don't bite, dog!" "Don't bite, dog!" And then that big dog said, "I was just a little dog last year!" Isn't that funny? Right, isn't that funny?

The Other Sam: That's not really funny if the dog died...(pause)...okay, it's kinda funny. Okay, it's funny!

Big dogs, little dogs. Red dogs, dead dogs. And a hundred and million Christmas lights.



Donna said...


But should I be alarmed that my son is so quick to change his mind about the comedic value of animal deaths?

I'm not going to think about that. But I do agree, little Sam is funny.

Alivia said...

The thing is, I spend three days a week with older Sam and I can completely envision this conversation made it extra funny.