Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Catching Up...

Happy Father's Day to Luke!!
I came downstairs the other day and found this...Sam and Reillee curled up on the couch with books. It was adorable. Reillee will do anything that Sam tells her, and of course, the Boss loves it.
EmJ took this picture for Luke while on a field trip last week. How have we been in Seattle for so long and not visited the grave of Bruce Lee?
And here I break from my usual rule of not posting pictures of anybody (other than my family) on my blog. To set the scene....I am chaperoning a field trip, EmJ's teacher calls the class and chaperones around her for instructions, I look around at all the kids surrounding the teacher and realize that I am the only parent there. Where are the others?!
Reverently surrounding the grave of Bruce Lee!!!
I laughed really, really hard. And had to take a picture. Thank you, Mrs. C for enabling all the parents to finally have this moment.

And finally, Joshua finished his little league season. He had a great experience this year, fielded well and hit exceptionally well, but is still learning to trust his teammates (he would RUN or ROLL the ball to first base because "that kid can't catch!"). I can't wait for him to play in farm next year and get his first live kid-pitching experience. (But first we have summerball!!!!)
Last but not least, the egg drop. No pictures (see rule violation above), but EmJ successfully participated in her school's egg drop. At what other elementary school are you welcomed (3 children in tow) by a male kindergarten teacher wearing a blonde wig and tiara high up in a crane chucking egg-drop contraptions to a tarp below as kids giggle and shout and cheer for each and every one. I LOVE IT! This particular teacher was both EmJ and Willie's kindergarten teacher, but is not teaching Gus's class next year. I want to cry over that one. However, I'm glad that he's such a presence in the school community as a whole.
And with that, we are on to our Summer of Fun the 2011 Version. Are you excited?!
Happy First Day of Summer!!!!

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