Thursday, June 09, 2011

Just because

Ignore the messy kitchen and just melt with the cuteness!
We finally had Reillee's one year check-up and she tipped the scales at a whopping 20 lbs as well as having grown to the remarkable height of 29 inches. I think she looks a little like an oompa-loompa...especially after our feather-weight, Sam (who at 3 years is finally gaining some weight--28 lbs, 37 inches). Reillee's vocabulary is growing every day, though she will only talk to me (so, I could totally be making this up). Today she favored us with two new words, "Thank you" and "go-ko"--which either means "blanket" or "color". This added to dada, uh-oh, cool, shhhhhhh, kitty, mama, and "guy" (referring to her siblings and copying Sam who calls all the neighborhood kids "the guys").
Speaking of, erm, cuteness...EmJ just informed me that "You are never, ever on my team. Every time I hit Joshua and he hits me back I get in trouble, not him! It's not fair."
Somehow the unfairness of my discipline practices evolved from a conundrum involving whether or not to bring cookies to the class party. Not quite following the logic there.
Nonetheless, I responded in the same way that my dad would have years ago. It did not go over well.
"Life stinks, then you die..."

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