Friday, December 23, 2011


We've been crafty this Christmas are the beginnings of a sunburst mirror for the girls' room. That project was so easy!!

For a family member who is a photographer....some lens pets....photographed here on the end of my blow dryer. Roar!!

Three cheers for people I kind of sort of know whose blogs I stalk every once in a while for these great ideas! On the bed you can kind of see the frog and the fish. There was also a toucan and a devil. Three more cheers for glue guns (and why don't I have my own? Hmmm?)!

Here are the results of one particularly productive day....bread, Christmas cards, and a gingerbread house all assembled and ready to go!

While I worked, the kids "decorated" gingerbread men...with raisins...the next day we came down with the stomach flu and I'm thinking there is definitely a connection.

Merry Christmas!!

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