Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Loot

Reillee's coloring book...which she is very serious about. She only colors the eyes of the person/animal on each page. And the boys' Old and New Testament Stories books.

Big Rapunzel Hair!! Told you I could follow a tutorial! I am so proud of this gift, and thrilled that it's been such a hit.

Bey Blades!! I'm not sure what the draw of these toys is, as they are basically just tops, but the boys have been battling their "Beys" since Christmas. And they gave each Bey Blade really cool, masculine names like Mr. Strawberry and Carmel Sauce.

"Remember, as far as anyone can tell, we are a nice, normal family!"

Benjamin, you will recall, takes his gift-giving very seriously. This is the gingerbread man puzzle he made for me. Love that kid!

EmJ gave Willie an FBI kit. He thought that was pretty stylin'!

The loot, before the kids came down.

The girls, with a pink balloon announcing a new baby sister!!

(I made a "Jill-in-the-Box" for Luke to open for the big reveal. Then the kids fought over the balloon all day, then we rewrapped it for each set of grandparents. One set caught on immediately, the other just smiled and looked at us sweetly. "I know you're poor, but...a balloon?" They were excited when we explained the concept, though.)

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