Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mouths of Babes--February 2012

Gus: "Mom, my remote control car broke already. I think it broke from Joshua just being by it."

Me: "Sam, what is 8 + 2?"
Sam: "10!"
Me: "Right. What is 1 + 1?"
Sam: "7!"
Me: "That's what I thought."

Me: (after I brushed an eyelash off of Reillee's cheek and had her blow it away) "What did you wish for?"
Reillee: "Happy Birthday cake!" (happy "doo-a-day" cake)

Reillee: (every morning and every day after nap) "Hi mom! Outta bed!" (I think the big girl bed transition is going rather well.)

EmJ: "Mom, if I get sick you can sue the lunch ladies." (I don't even want to know...)

Reillee: "Hi Mom!"
Me: "Good morning, Reillee. Did you sleep good?"
Reillee: "Ress. I sleep well."

Gus: "I don't like pickles!"
Me: "Well, just take them off your sandwich."
Gus: "But the bread already has pickle stains!"

Luke: "It's Grandma's birthday today. She is turning.....31."
Willie: "Noooooo, one hundred and thirty one."

Willie: "If I go for President, will you vote for me?"

And some notes about February...

*Reillee sang. All day, every day. She hears songs just a couple of times and then knows and sings them over and over again. I can usually tell what she is singing by the tune (hooray), but occasionally the words come out correctly, too. Or, when she sings Jingle Bells, I can figure it out by the "Hey!" at the end of the phrase.

*Joshua had baseball tryouts and was disappointed that they only lasted a few minutes. "Is that guy our coach? Is this our team? How come we didn't get to bat? Why are we already done?" I don't think he quite got the concept of a tryout (or, more accurately, a safety evaluation to make sure he could play up a level without getting killed). He passed.

*We celebrated a lovely Valentine's Day, complete with more candy than Halloween. Seriously, can we just go back to the paper valentines?

*Gus bought a goldfish. His name? Dinner. As in, "I'm going to go check on Dinner!" "Ewww, something is wrong with Dinner!" "Dinner stinks!" Dinner the goldfish.

*EmJ taught preschool at our house during mid-winter break. It was so fun to watch her take charge and teach the kids everything she knows about the letter J. She was done with her "lesson" in about 5 minutes, but she did well singing with the kids, reading stories, making Jewelery, Jumping rope, and eating Jam on toast. Good Job!!

*EmJ's last basketball game was played and the boys got info on their baseball teams from their new coaches!! Practices start next week! Go Diamondbacks!!

*We attended Mariner's Fanfest (okay, it was actually at the end of January). Pictures are on my phone and thus, for the moment unretrieveable...but it was crazy fun. The best part was that it motivated Gus to want to play t-ball this year!!

*30 weeks and still running, barely. I shuffled 30 miles this month.

*We (okay, Luke) are watching the 2012 election unfold with great intensity. The kids are into it, Reillee especially (Mitt Momney!) and I am waiting for the poor, old grandson of a coal miner to come on national TV and sing, "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat wo-o-orms." Seriously, does he come across that way to anybody else?

*That's it! Bring on March!


Jaime said...

I want to be friends with your kids!!

Laura said...

You're still running?? Ack. I gave that up at week 9. Should have kept with it though, these buns need to move more...