Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mouths of Babes--March 2012

This month Joshua started Cub Scouts...he is so cute! And it only took him ONE day to determine that he didn't need to wear the entire get-up each week. He only looked spit-shined that first meeting.

The Boss asked me to blow dry her I tried to straighten it. This is as good as it got, and she looked adorable. I straightened it on a Saturday night and by Sunday morning her hair was back to it's unruly self. I fear Sam is going to hate her hair for a while until she realizes how awesome it is.

Me: Sam, why would you shove your dollar in there? Now we can't get it out.
Gus: I guess Sam just doesn't have a brain.
Sam: Yes, I do! It's just turned off!

(This conversation occurred a couple of hours after she murdered Dinner and was told that she'd have to use her own money to buy Gus a new goldfish. We'd like to welcome Breakfast to the family...I hope he doesn't get mutilated, tortured, or killed before this post published on March 31st. Today is March 1st.)

Reillee: No talking!
Reillee: No throwing!
Reillee: Move! Dad working dat chair!
Reillee: No playing!
Reillee: No, no seevees!

(Reillee has taken it upon herself to be the house police. She let's us know when it's time to stop talking, throwing, playing, or watching television. Furthermore, I am not allowed to sit at Luke's desk and use the computer. She has reprimanded up repeatedly this month...I wish I had written down everything as she said it. This month she has also been trying to give up her nap (!), and the following sort of exchange has become a daily occurrence....)

Reillee: Hi Mom, outta bed!
Me: It's time to take a nap, let's go back upstairs.
Reillee: No, no naps. Time a play pesshops. Need a bunny pesshop.
Me: How about you get the bunny petshop and bring it to your bed.
Reillee: No, no naps. All done reading books.
Me: Did you put the books away?
Reille: Ressss.
Me: You put them on the shelf?
Reillee: Resssss.
Me: So if I go upstairs and check, they will be put away on the shelf?
Reillee: No. Time a play pesshops. Need a bunny pesshop.

(...and around we go...) (Sidenote: I found a petshop in the depths of the diaper bag a few days ago and threw it in the petshop bin. Reille, who is a weeeeeeeee bit OCD, noticed it immediately. "A new birdie pesshop! Got a new birdie one!" I found it amazing that in a jumble of 47 (I counted) petshops plus accessories, she spotted a new one right away. It was soon lined up with all the others.)

Gus: I didn't know a lot about tball today, but now I know a lot, so I have to teach Clark all about tball, okay?

(This happened after his first practice. Wow, how did I miss all the tball fun when Willie was little? It's like half baseball/half football. Every time a kid hits the ball I want to yell, "Fumble!" If Gus gets through the season without a black eye or broken clavicle, we'll be in good shape! Oh, and he looks just like my brother, Zack, in his uniform. Soooooo, cute!)

Sam: Is the baby sister naked in your tummy?...and...does she have a little teeny crib?

And finally, I just have to report that Joshua is doing phenomenally in baseball this season. He has been hitting the ball hard off of the kid pitchers (I guess it helps to have me, the anti-pitcher, pitch to him with the instruction to "swing at everything!"). He also made a couple of outs in his first game...always exciting....and made us all laugh while playing catcher. The gear is still WAAAAYYYY too big for him, but he did fine--making an impressive throw to second to nab a runner that had been standing there for five minutes already while Joshua fumbled around in his gear searching for the ball. It was awesome. He reports that this week, he will get to pitch for the first time...exciting!!

And Luke ump'ed his first game. I have been laughing at him for the last two days because he can hardly walk, his quads are so sore from squatting. Things to work on: calling strikes when the batter swings and calling balls when the pitches arc in from 10 feet up.

Luke: You know, it was fun, but in the end you just hope you called a fair game.

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