Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Summer at a Glance

 I have about three minutes of quiet while all the kids are at school and Kayde is still asleep...so, in no particular order, here is our "Summer-at-a-Glance" series.  Lots o' good stuff in this quick photo dump!  First, Sam climbing in our pantry to clean in out after the movers had done their business.  She was the only one small enough and willing enough to climb in there and clean.
 The last pictures of our home of nearly 12 years...give or take some time there in the middle!...After everything was out, we stayed there on sleeping bags for two days, which was fun for exactly three hours.  I'm still trying to detox from all the junk food we ate during "the move"....which, in true fashion, we turned into a huge ordeal ("Wouldn't it be such a fun family vacation to stay with grandparents for a week and then drive for a week? Sure!  That'd be great!  The kids will make some fabulous memories!") instead of just flying to our new home.  Next time, I am flying.  Luke and the kids can be sentimental, but I'm out.

 First day of school whipped cream and chocolate syrup crepes with a little bit of fruit for good measure.
 I did a Ragnar!  Northwest Passage was beautiful and fun and exhausting...I can't wait to do it again!
 Our team was the "Storybook Starlets"...I'm Fancy Nancy and no, I did not run in costume.  Those things are cute, and I loved seeing all the creative ideas, but....
 Also, we went to Boise for the 4th of July.  Did I already post about this?  Frobly not.  Anyway, Aaron and Jenny hosted us for the week of the 4th and it was wonderful!  Thank you!
 The kids loved the fireworks show...put on by Aaron and Luke with a little help from all of our boys. :)

 I love the picture of Willie running through the smoke bomb...I also love seeing Aaron in the background with the blowtorch, grinning like a little kid.
 First day of fourth grade!
 First day of second grade!
 Riding their bikes!
 First day of sixth grade!
 Really, really happy first day of Kindergarten!  There are so many things I love about this picture. 
 After the kids went to school, we played Pretty, Pretty Princess...Reillee won, of course.
And Kayde tried to eat the jewelry.

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Linds said...

Poor Sam. That's going to be an awesome story that she'll love telling one day though. That moving truck is ginormous!