Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I know you are just DYING to see photos of the new house, and now that I have been here a few months, gotten settled, and got a real camera (honestly, that's the true holdup, right?) here is THE ABODE--in love, hate format.

LOVE:  The abundance of grapefruit and the hummingbirds that frequent our purple flowers (don't laugh at my botanical ignorance....).

HATE:  The dark wood cabinetry in the kitchen.

LOVE:  The mailman that walks right up to our door, blasting his Walkman.

HATE:  The deceptively small look of a rambler.

LOVE:  The trellis in the front yard...I can't wait to grow some beans and peas there.

HATE:  The sunniest part of the backyard is paved over....dude, that's where the garden should go.
LOVE:  The paved space in the backyard that is perfect for tiny bikes, scooters, toy cars, and soon, hopefully, a batting cage!

LOVE:  A big entryway.
HATE:  I am going to have to spend money to furnish it with benches and coat hooks and a mirror, or something likewise cool.

LOVE:  Platform bed and built in drawers and shelves.

LOVE:  Built in shelves.

LOVE:  Double sinks.
HATE:  This is not the master bath.

LOVE:  Parking my car in the garage.

LOVE:  Luke has his own office.

LOVE:  An actual laundry room.
HATE:  Until the house is mine I can't paint it bright orange or put in black and white checkered linoleum.....you can see my vision though, right?

LOVE:  The fishy room....and the built in toy boxes.

LOVE:  Door to the backyard from the master bedroom.

LOVE:  Woodwork in the master bath and the blue tile in the shower.
HATE:  Shower doors.  Blech.

LOVE:  Glass paned doors.

LOVE:  Huge linen closet for keeping Mom's quilts handy.

HATE:  Wierd utility closet.
LOVE:  "Wall of Fame" on said closet.

LOVE:  A long hallway for displaying years of photo collages...once I dig them all out of boxes, I think I will be able to hang all 12 (all 15 if I hang up the yet empty ones)!

HATE:  Baby shower.  I am sorry for anyone who comes to visit, but the shower head is about 4'6".

LOVE:  Hidden, built in storage.

LOVE:  Have I mentioned yet all the built-ins?  Also, the fireplace.
HATE:  Still no mantle...and how do I hang things in stone?  We need to make some handy friends, stat!

LOVE:  The family room is now the baseball room, which means my bedroom no longer looks like a frat house.
HATE:  That TV....also, we need a couch.

HATE:  I swear everybody has oranges on their tree but us!

LOVE:  The raised beds, already irrigated, that could be perfect for a garden.
HATE:  If they were in the sun.

HATE:  The ants.  Welcome to Californoa.

LOVE:  Woodwork in the dining room.
HATE:  Our makeshift table and folding chairs.

LOVE:  Built in hutches!  But what do I do with them?

LOVE:  Huge pantry space.

LOVE:  A fridge that holds six gallons of milk!  And all the artwork the girls want to put on there.

So there you have it!  Our new home down here in the sun and fun and death-by-taxes state of California!


Kacey said...

Love your house, Kirstin! Sounds like things are going well for your family :)

Angela said...

What a fun house!

Another plus: The roof line is gradual enough to put Christmas lights on it without worrying too much about falling off. :-)

The Jackson's said...

What a great house. I used to think California had high taxes and then we moved to Illinois. I about soiled myself when I found out how much they are. Almost triple what California is. But houses are more pricey in Cali so I guess it evens out a bit. Crazy.

Kathy said...

I am SERIOUSLY jealous of all the built-in storage in that house! You have more storage in one room than we have in all of ours! Glad to hear you are all happy and doing well!