Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Trip Finale--Utah

We flew from Nebraska back to Seattle, with plans to leave right away and drive to Utah.  However, I came down with the stomach flu so our plans were thwarted for a day.  No worries, though, Luke got to visit friends (he wasn't with us at the beginning of the trip), the kids played with grandma, and I actually got a massage...ooohhhh!
Then we made the long and boring drive to Zion.  The kids were estatic to see their cousins and their chickens. :) the girls had a princess sleepover and the boys camped out.
We went up to Salt Lake to see the temple and other sites.  We also saw Jordan River, Draper, Bountiful, Quirrh Mountain, and Mount Timp Temples...I may be missing one...and I am sad that we I didn't watch the clock enough to make time to see the new temple in Provo.  Oh well!   
Luke, as usual, had the kids wrapped around his finger.  
Vacation did not cause us to miss free slurpee day, of course!
EmJ determined that this is where she will live when she goes to school.  Heritage Hall at BYU.  Seriously, the new dorms are amazing.  It was also amazing that we managed this entire trip without losing anybody or suffering serious injury. Willie climbed up on the rail of an overpass...Sam tried to hike a waterfall by herself...and there was more mayhem than even I thought possible, but everyone survived.  It was both exhausting and energizing to watch, if that makes any sense!
On the way home, we got out to explore the salt flats.  It was actually quite pretty in the early morning light.
...until Kayde tried to eat it...
The rest if the drive was uneventful...and hot...
But we saw one more temple, in Reno.  And we tried Popeyes Chicken for the first time.  Holy biscuits!  Why has no one ever told me!

And that's it!!  The rest of our summer will be spent swimming at the pool and watching the A-Team and searching for a new car fit for a family of nine!

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Our Family Adventure's said...

Looks like a wonderful summer. Have you looked into the Nissan NV3500? Here is a link to the website http://www.nissancommercialvehicles.com/nv-passenger?dcp=ppn.70994020.&dcc=0.245852937&gclid=CjwKEAjww8eiBRCE7qvK9Z7W_DgSJABfOjf2d72bJK40RN895X4vkBpvNBUAzgbickL6HrvdrZIfmhoCGK3w_wcB

OK and I have thought of getting it, but it is a large van.