Friday, August 01, 2014

Trip Photos...Seattle, Palmyra, Cooperstown

When we got to Seattle our first item of business was to go to the kids' old school.  EmJ went to what would have been her 6th grade graduation and the kids got to see all their favorites in one awesome reunion.  Next thing was to spend a good deal of time in the old neighborhood, playing and chatting as if we still lived there. (We must have had too much fun to take pictures!) Then, of course, we went to a Mariners game.  

Our old house!  After our time in Seattle with my parents, we packed our bags and headed to a 6 am flight.  
Luke was still in California and I have to say, I was proud of my little army marching thru the airport!
When we got to Buffalo there was a joyful cousin reunion...chest bumping and all!
Benjamin and Colby at Niagra Falls.
Reillee, Piper, and Jane at the Sacred Grove.
Veronica, Avery, and EmJ at the Palmyra Temple.
The girls plus Olivia in the Sacred Grove.
The kids found it super cool that we rented a truck and that they got to ride on the back.
Cousins at the Hill Cumorah.
Super unflattering picture at the Hall of Fame....but it is such a romantic place!

Willie!  He said that he will be the next person inducted.
All of us in front of the Hall.  And last, the B&B that I am going to buy when we retire.

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