Friday, January 15, 2016

Kaylyn Del

Okay, this girl is cracking me up and making me crazy.  

She swings from being incredibly social, making herself at home at our new neighbors houses, talking to everybody at the kids' being the most stubborn anti-social kid I've ever seen.  She won't do gymnastics because there is a boy in the class, she won't go to Sunbeams because it's not in the right classroom, and heaven forbid the dentist even ask her to sit in the chair!

{watching Sam get her teeth cleaned}

I love how she declares herself to be the mom, making me the big sister, so that she can have a phone!  And drive!  And have screen time!  And tell Matthew what to do!

I love how she is suddenly the little sister when it is time to clean!  Or when Matthew decides he's had enough already!  And how she screams bloody murder while he grabs her hair and pulls with all his might and a mischievous smile on his face.  

I love how she hides my phone under her bed and then says, "I don't know where you're phone is, but it's not under my bed.  It's not!"

I love how she says she needs a drink, but sneaks goldfish crackers instead.  And how she thinks I don't know because they are hidden behind her back.

I love how she says, "Ellow bomama!"  And I'm sure going to miss it when she starts speech therapy.

So I'll eat lots of "Ellow bomamas "...dipped in chocolate, of course, to stifle the sad feeling of another baby growing up.

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