Monday, January 16, 2006

35 Weeks!!

Only five weeks to the most!!!! AND, I finally figured out where to post a title for my posts!!! I don't know which is more exciting.

Tonight for family home evening we went to BY-TH'-BUCKET. It is a seafood and pizza restaurant recommended to us by Marc and Traci (thank you for the gift certificate). We gorged ourselves on buffalo wings, pizza, garlic cheese bread, fettucine, and french onion soup. I kept thinking of that line from Tommy Boy, "I can almost hear you getting fatter!" We are totally full and greasy, but it was good food, and we have enough leftovers for lunch and dinner tomorrow. Yum!

Over dinner, we discussed a new sleeping strategy. Serious business. I am now going to nap when the kids do, every afternoon, and then not go to bed until at least midnight or later. The goal is to sleep when I can, which for some reason is in the middle of the afternoon, and then tire myself out so that I can get at least a few hours of sleep at night. Generally, if I nap during the day I don't sleep well at night, but lately I don't sleep well at night anyway so I might as well nap. Hopefully this will not only help with my sleeping, but my attitude and short temper. We'll see! Someone seriously needs to invent a bed with a hole in the middle so pregnant ladies can sleep on their stomachs. Someone also needs to find a cure for charlie horses. Oh man!

In other news, EmJ thinks primary is great now because they sang, "Once there was a Snowman," on Sunday. Willie fell asleep in nursery...there's like 57 kids in there...why can't I sleep like him?!

That's it! Until tomorrow!


Mom said...

I was looking at airline tickets today, and they are only $79! I wish I knew when to arrive?? Get all the rest you can now (Hah) -- as you know, you'll need it. The five weeks will go by quickly on this end!

Love you,

Lindsey said...

Just so you know...Brian went on and added the option to put a title on. If you want the map prgram that shows where peopole have looked at you blog from let me know and we'll get it set up for you! I think that you should invent that bed... you'd make a killing!