Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Congratulations to me! I just moved the last box into storage. Woohoo! Luke has been such a trooper, not letting me lift or move anything, catering to my every whim--straighten that, put those up there, no not that way, etc. Tonight I plan to organize baby clothes, pull out the newborn stuff, etc and tomorrow we'll hang pictures, thus making this look a little more like home.

Want to hear about my brilliance? I adamantly refused to "sacrifice" Christmas for the sake of the move. The Christmas decorations were the last things I packed. Since the Christmas box had already been taken for something else, the decorations ended up randomly in whatever box they would safely fit in. Anyway, my brilliant idea backfired because I am missing three ornaments and a really cute Santa. They could be ANYWHERE!! I seriously hope I shoved them in the box with the fake tree because the only boxes left to clean out are Luke's files...which will be done in like ten years by which time I will have forgotten all about how much I love my Yankee Stadium ornament. Oh man!

In other news, I don't like my OB. Went in for my appointment today and she said that baby is head down (good) but posterior (baby's back is against mine, no good). I casually said that's how my other two were and the doctor just turned the babies, no problem. She said, "Well, this is bad news." WHAT? What exactly does she mean by that? What Dr. Woods did in turning the babies didn't seem like rocket science, but this lady acted like something was seriously wrong. So, now I'm all worried. I wish Dr. Woods would just come and deliver my baby...I worry so much that I need someone laid-back to counter it, you know?! Grrr.

Willie's molars are coming in--what a grump he is! Okay, I think that's all the news from us today!

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Mom said...

Yeah! Way to go fixing the comment section. I love the blog. I look forward to keeping up with everything fun in the Adams Family. We love you! Good luck with the pregnancy. We pray all will work out wonderfully.

Love, Mom