Thursday, March 23, 2006

More quotable quotes

"What's your favorite food Willie?"
"What's your name Willie?"
"What's your favorite toy Willie?"
"What did you wish for Willie?"
"How old are you Willie?"

EmJ, in response to a green corvette--"That's a fatty batman car!"

Luke, in response to Joshua's distracibility--"He knows how to count to ten, he just gets bored after two!"

EmJ spitting--"I'm just spitting on the grass so the bugs have food! Duh!"


Lindsey said...

Thanks! That was made my day!

Mom said...

I love those grandbabies! Kids say the darndest things.

mom adams said...

Thanks for sharing those remarkably cute comments. What a cute picture, too! I am so excited that Joshua has made the steps to speak his mind!

makenna said...

fatty batman car...haha she would say that