Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Father's Day!!

To our dads--We love you so very much. We appreciate the example that you have and continue to provide us. Happy Father's Day!

To Luke--Happy Father's Day to you, too! I can't wait until you see the kids gifts! I know you won't let me brag about you on here, so let me just say-- YDMB!! I'm so proud of you, especially as a dad.

The primary is singing "I'm so glad when Daddy comes home..." in church tomorrow. I'm not sure if Emmeline realizes this or not, but nonetheless she has been singing it all week. It's really a cute song, especially coming from a four year old.

We enjoyed the Mariner's game on Thursday. We sat in straightaway center field--very conspicuous M's fans amid the green and yellow! Everyone is sunburned, but it was well worth it.

Well, Luke is watching the "Karate Kid" for the nine-hundreth time this week, so I guess I'll go join him...

That's it for now!

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