Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I just wanted to take a minute to report on a wonderful Thanksgiving! My family--mom, dad, Zack, Alivia, Lindsey, Brian, and Coleson all came down here for the week. We had a great time just visiting, relaxing, eating, eating, eating, and watching the grandkids get spoiled. Most notable about the week is Willie's new scooter. He hasn't forgotten about it for even one second since he got it last Friday. He's got a cold now, so I didn't let him outside today to ride the scooter--which didn't go over real well! Grumpy, grumpy Willie.

Grumpy Gus, too. And Emmeline. They are all sick--a product of the weather turning cold, staying up late, getting up early, etc. Oh well. We took Benjamin to the doctor today to put ourselves at ease. This is the first cold he has had that hasn't turned immediately into bronchitis or worse. Woohoo! So we'll keep praying that he (as well as the other two) get better without complications this time. The kids also got flu shots today while at the doctor's office. You can imagine how that went over. And, one final note, Benjamin now weighs 22 lbs. That's two pounds in a month...and he's now surpassed Emmeline...she was 22 lbs. at one year.

Last night we put turned our small apartment into a winter wonderland for Family Home Evening. It looks fantastic--homemade foam nativity set and all! I just have to hang some lights outside and make Benjamin's Christmas stocking and we'll be set. Also, I found my Yankee Stadium tree ornament! That made my night. I found it in an obscure corner of a Christmas box. It was obviously the first thing I packed, duh, probably so I wouldn't lose it in last year's move! Anyway, it's in a prominent spot on our tree now. Well, everywhere is "prominent" on our tree, seeing as it's only three feet tall...but that's a topic for another day!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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Mom said...

Oh, I'd love to see it all as I'm certain it's very festive and wonderful! We are guessing that we'll have no tree live this year, wondering where we'll have a spot to put it(knowing that downstairs would be a fire hazard). We're working on some creative solutions, however! Give the kids a kiss for us! Love,