Thursday, March 15, 2007

First Swim!

Ah, here they from our first pool day on 2007! Yes, I am aware that in another month I'll be complaining about the awful heat and about how much I hate being hot, but right now I'm enjoying being outside and sleeping with the windows open!

I love the picture of the boys decked out with their sandals. I can't believe how big Benjamin is...literally and figuratively!

EmJ, catching some rays before getting into the pool. I was so proud of her...she got right in this year. She can "touch" now in the shallow end, and thinks that is pretty cool.

Joshua hasn't changed a bit! If you remember, last year for his birthday he received that lovely life jacket, put it on, and took a flying leap into the deep end. I thought that this year his brains would have caught up and that he might be a little bit scared. NOPE! He sat on the steps for a minute and splashed, and then I put the camera away and threw him in. He thought it was fabulous.

Benjamin was content to just sit on my lap and watch the kids play. He splashed his feet a little, but wasn't interested in swimming. He can try again when it's warmer.

It was a wonderful day!

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Linds said...

That looks great! The weather has been pretty nice here too, but not quite pool weather! Soak up the sun before it gets too hot!