Saturday, March 24, 2007


Oh my! It's been a while since we posted. I figured I'd better take a minute and get on here today before I start getting calls and emails requesting blog updates. It's funny, periodically during the day I think of things or things happen that I should include in a post, however, when I finally get a chance to write it all leaves my brain.

So, let's just do a quick overview.

Emmeline is getting ready for her 5th birthday. I can't believe she is almost five years old. Wow! We are celebrating on Monday, with a picnic in the park, per her request. Then, on Friday, she is having a small party with ONLY GIRLS ALLOWED--also by request. We're ready, with the princess napkins and the whole shebang.

Willie went to a birthday party today. Actually, we all went, but it was for Joshua's friend. He was chomping at the bit to give his gift. (SUPRISE! A MONSTER JAM!) He was totally excited when his friend opened it and said, "Cool!," then totally crushed when he went on to the next gift without actually opening and playing with Willie's toy. I think Willie just wanted to play with it. It was sad, but cute anyway!

Benjamin is walking all over the place now. He requests that his shoes be put on every morning, first thing. He thinks that if he has his shoes on he can go outside, and then sits by the door sobbing because we won't let him out. Seriously, that kid would be content all day if we'd just let him be outdoors. He wouldn't need to eat, sleep, or anything. He loves to go out with a ball and play fetch with himself. He's very low maintenance, which provides me a lot of sunny-outdoor-reading time!

Luke and I pulled out our mitts and played catch yesterday afternoon. The weather has been fabulous and we've been taking advantage of the slowness at work. We also went swimming a couple times last week, and cleaned out the garage! (I know, I'm the only person in the world who finds cleaning fun!) I played my first church volleyball game (and won!!) and enjoyed a girls' night out. Luke celebrated the release of Rocky Balboa on DVD by watching it 700 times this week, while I sat and scrapbooked and pretended to watch. I'm almost caught up on the scrapbook--YAY--as well as all the baby books, finally! I've also worked through almost all my usable scraps--just in time for me to restock my supplies (Happy Birthday to me!)

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Anonymous said...

Cleaning is a talent--probably the only one I was blessed with--so I love it, too! You are very good at organizing -- maybe that's the part I like about it! Sounds like the kids are doing great! Miss you all so much! Mom