Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Blame it all on my roots...

I showed up in boots,
and ruined your black tie affair."

Yesterday we drove two hours to attend a beautiful and elegant wedding reception (congratulations Jenna!!!!!). It was in Palo Alto at the biggest, nicest, and Luke would add "muffiest" home we've ever been to. Joshua...fell in the fountain.

"I'll just say goodnight,
and I'll show myself to the door."


Drew and Jenna Sellers said...

Thank you Adams' for coming to the open house!! It was so great to see you, and I am sorry we didn't get to talk more, but it was so nice to chat a little bit and to see the kids. Keep me updated on things, and let me know when you go back to WA. We're coming home at Thanksgiving, and will be coming up to Sac at some point, so we would love to see you if you're still there. Thanks again for making the trip! (All the kids were adorable...even soaked little Joshua) =)

Laura A said...

That's awesome!

Linds said...

Hilarious! I wish you had a picture!